Broadsword LED Torches

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Throw: 150 metres

Beam Type: Reflector - spot surrounded by flood

Lumens: 1,070

Length: 173 mm

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Lumens: 1,070 lumens
Throw: 150 metres
Length: 173 mm
Beam Type: Reflector – Spot surrounded by flood

When the phrase “Heavy Duty” was thought of they may well have been thinking of the Broadsword torch. Heavy duty body, heavy duty heatsinking and big output make this a durable torch for rough environments.

Light Output and Beam Pattern
The big 48mm head provides a large reflector to throw out to 150 metres in a spot surrounded by flood beam. There are 4 levels on the Broadsword flashlight, high beam, medium, low and strobe.

TTT and Construction
One look at the Broadsword torch and you can see how well it is built, heavy duty aluminium body surrounding the TTT – Thermal Transfer Tube and heatsinking behind the head, all designed to reduce the temperature of the LED so you get a long life out of it. If an LED is overheated the output is permanently reduced. Don’t overheat your LED! That is why all Wolf Eyes torches employ good heatsinking.

The Broadsword torch is regulated, meaning the amperage is increased as the voltage reduces (as the battery flattens) to get a consistent current to the LED for a torch which doesn’t dim. Clever.

Rechargeable Batteries
The battery is the same as almost all the other torches and headlamps in the Wolf Eyes range, The LRB168A (18650) battery provides good output for high power LEDs like in this Broadsword torch. This battery is protected which means it has a chip to control charging and discharging, and most importantly over discharging.

Cold Weather
The lithium ion battery in the Wolf Eyes Broadsword means it works very well in cold weather – as the picture of the Wolf Eyes in ice shows.

Australian Approved Charger
The Australian Approved Charger provided with your Broadsword flashlight means you have no safety worries, or insurance eligibility.

The Wolf Eyes LED Torch in the glass of water illustrates the waterproofness of these torches.

Totally handled in Australia with our huge range of spares and 1300 911 007 phone support to help with issues. The 1300 911 007 number has an after hours live answering service so we can record your issues for solving the next business day. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Humpty Doo, whatever your timezone we have you covered in a timely manner (those on our Antarctic bases will be aware spare batteries, etc may take longer to arrive due to obvious shipping problems) .



Video of the Wolf Eyes Broadsword Beam


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Brand Wolf Eyes LED Torches
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