NiteHunter LED Hunting Torches - Black 1,210 - Dual Tailcap

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Throw: 200 metres

Beam Type: Aspheric - spot adjustable to flood

Lumens: 1210

Length: 150 mm


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Lumens: 1210 lumens
Throw: 200 metres
Length: 150 mm
Beam Type: Aspheric – spot adjustable to flood

The NiteHunter was always designed to be a hunting torch, from it’s large rotary adjustable aspheric head – which resists movement from heavy calibres - to it’s dual tailcap which enables it to be used with a tapeswitch on the rifle and without one off. Providing a spot out to 225 metres the NiteHunter may be all the hunting torch you need.

Light Output and Beam Pattern
The NiteHunter torch with its large aspheric head and slightly greater distance than usual between LED and aspheric lens (magnifying glass) concentrates every one of its lumens into it’s spot to provide a good beam out to 225 metres. This can be adjusted back to flood. There is a high beam, medium and low beam.

TTT and Construction
Like all of the Wolf Eyes LED Hunting Torches the NiteHunter is built around the brass TTT – Thermal Transfer Tube. The Thermal Transfer Tube has three benefits, it strengthens the total body structure, it enhances electrical conductivity and most importantly drags damaging heat away from LED. If overheated LEDs suffer permanently reduced output.

The rest of the body is made from aircraft grade aluminium which is then low temperature (-20o C) Hard Anodized tactical black.

Dual Tailcap
The tailcap is the Wolf Eyes Dual Tailcap, which means you can use it like a regular tailcap or screw on the included tapeswitch for faster control of your light. The Dual Tailcap also features a spring in it, combined with the spring at the front of the body, the two springs contain the battery which can move but electrical contact is maintained at all times, even with heavy calibres.

The NiteHunter LED Hunting Torch is regulated, meaning it doesn’t dim as the battery flattens. Torches usually dim as the battery flattens, sometimes just a little and often a lot. This is because the battery reduces in voltage as it flattens. The solution to this regulation, this increases the amperage as the voltage is reduced, so the optimum power or cuurent is always supplied to the LED.

Rechargeable Batteries
The Wolf Eyes LRB168A lithium ion battery (18650) supplied with the NiteHunter torch light is also used in all our other hunting torches and headlamps, giving you interchangeability. This is both an energy dense battery (meaning you only need one and so can keep the 25.4mm – 1” -standard firearm body size) and also protected for your safety.

Cold Weather
All Lithium Ion powered Wolf Eyes LED torches work well in cold weather, the NiteHunter hunting flashlight being rated from -20o C to +60o C.

Australian Approved Charger
The charger with your Wolf Eyes LED Torch is Australian Approved, meaning that you can feel safe using it and all your insurances will apply.

Your Wolf Eyes Torch is fully supported within Australia. We have spares here with solid stocks to support our Police and Military partners, we also have a 1300 911 007 phone number to provide over the phone assistance. After hours there is live answering on this line so you can be looked after during working hours.



Wolf Eyes NiteHunter at 225 metres



Insert of of Wolf Eyes NiteHunter at 225 metres



Video of the Beam of the standard Hunting NiteHunter showing tight spot


Video of the beam of the 1,000 + lumen NiteHunter showing the broader spot


SKU 85
Brand Wolf Eyes LED Torches
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg

A must have torch

By: on 7 February 2017
My husband used a mates torch and just had to have one. My son too. Couldn't wait to try it and is rapt with it. His mate will want one now it is so good.

NiteHunter vs the rest

By: on 30 December 2016
I recently purchased a NiteHunter kit with the dual tailcap and charger. It is a magnificent light and I could be happier. Target identification is clear out to 200m which is the limit of my accuracy at night. It is a much better hunting light for centrefire rifles than the original Wolfseyes Sniper I have had for 10 years. The sniper will now be a rimfire specialist light. The NiteHunter easily outperforms the competitors P7R2 and P5R2 models that I also own. I ordered online on Saturday and the parcel was delivered the following Tuesday using Australia Post's standard parcel service. Great service and an even better light.

Excellent value

By: on 29 October 2016
I purchased this torch to fit to my Sako .223. It has performed as advertised; easily lighting up targets out at 150-200 metres. Recommended for anyone running a scope between 8X and 16X.


By: on 5 September 2016
I bought the 'Nite Hunter' to do just that. Spotlighting on foot adds another level of hunting for me. Wish I had this torch earlier. I also bought the 'Lunar' head torch by wolf eyes and when the two are paired you can't go wrong.

Nitehunter LED, My thoughts.

By: on 4 August 2016
Hello there; I did quite a bit of research before purchasing this unit, i had not heard of the WolfEyes brand previously. So far the torch has been performing flawlessy and has turned out to be a superb small hi powered portable light source. My applications are for camping, hunting and home security, and in these roles, the flashlight excels, beam distance is exceptional for its size! I like it so much, i purchased the accessory car charger, belt pouch, and a spare hi-cap battery for the kit too, this is true. The only thing that could be added is a lanyard hole at the back if someone wanted to lug it on a cord round there neck, doable with the accessory belt pouch though. It's not the sort of kit you want to loose. It could also come with a small microfibre cloth for cleaning the lens, as a thought? This is my subjective opinion, however, nothing else out there i've seen so far compares for the money. There is always a trade off between cell life and lumens power yet this Led torch has balanced it perfectly in my opinion. If you crank the juice down with a click you can double your light time and again, flashes too. Clever what this company has done with this unit. Tactical night time variable beam hi power illumination in a compact hi strength package, "yep"- i'm in. I have a personal appreciation for well engineered products like this. That's exactly what i wanted for my money, and i got it +1 for sure, impressed. Ideally i would like a 2nd one.......5 stars :-) Thanks & Regards; Dave B.

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